Lenny Kirkpatrick
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lenny Kirkpatrick who was born in Michigan on March 24, 1963 and passed away on April 09, 2000 at the age of 37. We will remember him forever. 

Father Of Kaitlyn (Katie) Dawn Dietz.
He Loved Her And Her Brother Zach Very Much.
Katie Was 4 Years Old When Lenny Passed Away.
Son Of Carmel Madison Kirkpatrick And Lena Mozell Scurlock.
Stepson Of Stephen Collins Who Was Our Second Father.
Brother Of David, Rhonda, Teresa, Danny, Jack Who Passed Away Jan 11,2011 And Kelli Ann (Who Passed Away February 6,2009)


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Tributes and Condolences
my Beloved Brother Lenny ❤   / Rhonda Harrison (Sister)
I love and miss you so much Len. The world is so sad without you Sweetheart. The pain never goes away. You were our Sunshine Dearest Angel, walk slowly baby boy ,I catch up. ❤ Love, Hugs and Kisses.
I'm related?   / Dale Phillips (Great- Grandchild John Henry Phillips )
My dad was Aretee Phillips My Grandfather was Omer Estel Phillis My great grandfather was John Henry Phillips I live in Royal Oak Michigan
My Brother Lenny   / Teresa Hicks (Sister)
Lenny was my brother A sibling of seven He once was with us now his home is in heaven. He left a lot of memories some good and some Sad But a great love for our brother is what we did have. At times he was funny and sweet as could be But sometime hi...  Continue >>
Hi Rhonda   / Jeannie Blauvelt-DeAngelis
Rhonda, your brother sounds like a wonderful man.
He Was Our Baby   / Rhonda Harrison (Sister)
The First Day Lenny Skipped School, He Was In Kendergarden.
His Favorite Nusery Ryme At Two Years Old Was Mary Had A Little Lamb, She Tied Him To The Heater.
Every Time He Turned Around, He Burned His Little (And With A Great Big Smile He W...  Continue >>
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Lenny's Photo Album
Len And His Daughter Katie. November 2,1997
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